Cosmetic Tattoo For Eyebrow, Eyeliner & Lip Liner

Exceptional training at an affordable price…Most courses attract up to 700% profit margins.

Book now to receive over $7,500 back from your FREE kit included in your course fees that’s more than your course fees back in your pocket. Students who successfully complete this course will be qualified to perform semi-permanent eyebrow shading and 3D feather hair strokes, eyeliner and lip liner tattoo.

Your training will be performed one on one and is not in a group environment unless one clinic wishes to train more than one employee in which case training will be performed at your clinic.  We can train in your premises or you can come to our training school in Sydney. If you are coming from interstate, we can organise discounted accommodation for you at your own cost.

The 3D Feathering Microblading Cosmetic Tattoo beginners course is a 4 day course covering:

  • Eyebrows hair stroke, 3D and shading, design and application.
  • Eyeliner top & bottom and eyelash simulation. Design and application.
  • Lip liner design & application.

Upon complication of the course you will be qualified and ATSCI certified to perform the above procedures and you will be awarded your certificate of competence which will qualify you to practice nationally.

The cost of the Course is $6,500+ gst. 


We challenge you to find a cheaper and more value one on one course that guarantees to deliver all course information ensuring you learn everything you need to know with the same state of the art equipment made in Switzerland with a 1 year warranty making ATSCI courses value for money.

The Symphony ATSCI, -made in  Switzerland digital micro pigmentation machine is included in the cost of the course and has a one-year warranty. Precision micro pigmentation – it almost does the work for you as well as the manual hair stroke tool.. All you need to get started.

Patient and understanding teacher trained in the US, Australia,Italy and China.

Ongoing post-training support. Comprehensive training manual included.

You will receive a state of the art starter kit & the highest grade of quality, worth over a $1000, with everything you need to get started and to complete more than 12 procedures. If you charge $500 each, that’s a total income of $6,000 which is almost your course fees back.

The machine you receive in the starter kit is made in Switzerland and is backed by a 1 Year warranty giving precision to perform outstanding results without compromising the skin unlike other machines given by other trainers made in China.

The Package Includes

  • Digital Switzerland 3d Feathering Microblading Cosmetic Tattoo Machine (1 yr warrantee)
  • Power board
  • Hand piece
  • Measuring tool
  • Disposable cord covers
  • Manual tool for hair stroke eyebrows
  • 4 bottles of quality US Pigment  colors
  • Comprehensive training manual 150 pages
  • Pigment caps
  • Pigment holder
  • Colour wheel
  • Permanent markers
  • Starting photos
  • All forms required
  • After care instructions
  • Local anesthetic cream
  • Q-tips
  • Needles (12)

Training Agenda

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

  • Consultation
  • Shaping
  • Mixing colours
  • Performing procedures
  • Exams
  • Live clients for lip liner (Day 4)

Other Information

ModelsActivities and AssessmentVenueSchedule & Fees


Each student will need to provide between 1-3 models, for each procedure taught.i.e. one procedure per model or all three procedures on the same model. If you can’t provide a model, please notify us at least 3 weeks before the course, and we will advertise for you ($50 extra).

Models will be required on days 2,3 and 4. We will advise exact times on a few days before.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Courses are to be booked a minimum of 4 weeks in advance to ensure we order you kit and receive it in time for your training. For dates, please contact ATSCI direct as dates are upon both you and your trainers availability.
  2. Enrolments & dates will only be confirmed & secured on receipt of 50% payment. The balance will be due 2 weeks prior to the commencement of your training.

We will also then order your kit which is included in the cost of your course and you will receive on day one.  This includes a Machine made in Switzerland with a one year warranty which is one of the best machines that delivers exceptional results with very little effort and without compromising the skin.


  1. 14–28 days prior to course date – 25% cancellation fee.
  2. Less than 14 days prior to course date – 50% cancellation fee.