ATSCI Certified Medical 3D Areola Micro Pigmentation

Medical 3D Areola Micro PigmentationThis procedure is performed for both men and women’s breasts with irregular areola or to camouflage scars after reconstruction breast surgery either due to cancer or just simply the fading colour of the areola.

Clients will usually be referred to you by cosmetic or plastic surgeons for us to add that finishing touch to their surgical procedures by creating that illusion of a 3D life like areola and nipples.

These procedures not only improve the clients appearance but help rebuild their self esteem and confidence.. so it’s important to associate your self with a few Surgeons in your area.

Before Medical 3D Areola Micro Pigmentation


After Areola Tattoo


This is a one-day advance work shop which can be added to the micro blading cosmetic tattoo beginners course. Working on the correct placement, shape and colour of the areola on the breast. Using measuring techniques to create life like 3D areola on a blank canvass or to follow the existing giving a natural look.

women areola spct areola b4 & after leather areola


Other Information

ModelsActivities and AssessmentVenueSchedule & Fees


Each student will need to provide between 2-3 models, for each procedure taught.i.e. one procedure per model or all three procedures on the same model. If you can’t provide a model, please notify us at least 3 weeks before the course, and we will advertise for you ($50 extra). you will practice on leather skin and meat skin before real clients.


men areola areola spct temp sticker areola

before                            after                            before                            after                               stick on temp tattoo shaping

areola pork skin practice students practicing on pork skin real look alike areola

areola spct

before                             after students work

The Models will be charged $100 (cash) per procedure to cover the cost of cartridges, pigment & disposables. Put it up on face book or ask family and friends – let them know they are saving $1,000 per procedure by being a model.

Activities and assessment

Activities involve practicing on leather sheets and dolls, pig skin before performing procedures on live models. By then you will be more than ready to perform Areola Tattoo procedures in front of the trainer to ensure competency.

Students are expected to demonstrate competency in the following:

  • Sterilization techniques
  • Setting up your room and tray
  • The consultation process
  • Pain management
  • Identifying skin undertones
  • Understanding of how to neutralize & correct wrong colour on skin
  • Contraindications
  • Mixing colours
  • Measuring, shaping and correct placement of Areola
  • Correct coloring of areola
  • 3D areola designs
  • Providing after care instructions
  • Knowledge of correct needle size for each procedure

Training in all states:


Your clinic or our training school :

140 Moorefields Rd, KINGSGROVE  NSW

Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, South Australia, WA, Tasmania and New Zealand

  • We hire doctor rooms in all states
  • Training venue can take place in your own salon or clinic


One day workshop – from 10am to 6pm


Sydney $1,500 gst

Call Amanda now on 0433 135 381 or email to book

Terms and Conditions

  1. Courses are to be booked a minimum of 4 weeks in advance to ensure we order your kit and receive it in time for your training. For dates, please contact ATSCI direct as dates are upon both you and your trainers availability.
  2. Enrolments & dates will only be confirmed & secured on receipt of 50% payment. The balance will be due 2 weeks prior to the commencement of your training.


  1. 14–28 days prior to course date – 25% cancellation fee.
  2. Less than 14 days prior to course date – 50% cancellation fee.