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Australian Therapeutic Skincare Institute (ATSCI)

ATSCI was founded by Amanda Bishay in 2003, being so passionate about our ever evolving industry, completing 18 post graduate courses, Her education, experience and creativity have led her to develop unique holistic Aesthetic programs using a range of protocols to bring various therapies together, combining mechanical and chemical treatments  customised to each clients specific condition to deliver remarkable results,

Her focus is on treating and educating clients by looking at each condition topically, internally, physically and emotionally for maximum results. To make a difference to each of her clients lives.

Meet your clinician Amanda Bishay Dip H Sc (beauty therapy), Certificate IV work place and assessment

Amanda Bishay is a qualified medically trained cosmetic tattoo, therapeutic skin and Laser specialist aesthetician and international trainer. With a Diploma in Health Science in beauty therapy, Certificate IV in training and assessment and has completed 18 Advanced post graduate courses in the field of corrective skin treatments, Laser, HIFU and cosmetic tattoo.

With 15 years’ experience working with some of Australia’s top Leading plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Double bay, Sydney CBD and western Sydney. Amanda has performed 1000’s of successfully treatments and trained 100’s of students who now have successful clinics around Australia and the world.

Keeping up to date with the latest trends and technology in our ever-evolving industry Amanda attends all leading industry conferences world wide and was invited on numerous occasions to speak and present as an industry leader at educational conferences both in Australia and overseas on her philosophy of how to provide a holistic approach combining mechanical and chemical treatments to maximise results

Skin Needling Procedure

Her success and passion for the industry inspired her to share her results with the industry by providing post graduate courses through ATSCI to Beauty therapists, nurses and doctors to inspire them to also make a difference to their clients

Cosmetic Tattoo Procedures

We use only the latest most precise equipment made in Switzerland to ensure your skin is not compromised with brand new sterile needles per treatment per client to create crisp sharp designs,  All pigment are of high quality made with vegetable oil so no risk of infection or allergic reactions, Pigments made in the US, clinician has 15 years’ experience also as an educator.

3D eyebrow microblading hair strokes

Natural looking designer eyebrows create the shape you want with hairstrokes microblading. Safe procedure no down time. lasts up to 3 years. no more drawing on eyebrows every morning, no smudging.

We shape the eyebrows to your natural brow line and work with you to your desired shape and colour to give a harmonious natural look that frames your face.

1st session $550

2nd session $200

3rd session $150

Pay for the 1st and 2nd  session upfront get the

 3rd session FREE

Semi-Permanent cosmetic tattoo eyeliner or lash enhancement

Define your eyes with Eyeliner, the eyes are the windows to the world… whether you want a natural look or dramatic look achieve non smudge eyeliner and avoid panda eyes for those who don’t want a defined look  eyelash enhancement will create the illusion your eyelashes are darker and thicker, lasts up to 5 years

Top or bottom eyeliner only $375

Top and bottom eyeliner together $550

Lash enhancement $350

Includes 1 free touch up

Semi permanent Cosmetic tattoo eyeshadow or smokey look

Create a more dramatic eyeshadow or smokey look with cosmetic tattoo no smudging or drawing lasts up to 5 years

$750 includes free touch up

Semi permanent cosmetic tattoo Full lip colour or blend or lip liner

Enhance your lip shape. whilst dermal fillers might give volume, Lip cosmetic tattoo will shape your lips and stimulate natural collagen. why not combine the two dermal fillers with cosmetic lip tattoo and create amazing pouty lips, create the lip shape and colour to enhance your sexy lips, lasts up to 5 years, ask about our special DERMAL FILLER AND LIP TATTOO SPECIAL package offer

Lip liner $550                                                     

Lip blend $ 600

Full Lip colour $700

Includes 1 free touch up

3D Areola regimentation post op mastectomy or breast reduction

Get your feminity back and self-confidence, real areola look with our 3D areola cosmetic tattoo, After measuring the symmetry, we mix the colours to create a real life 3D areola and nipple after breast reconstruction.  Cosmetic tattoo can only be preformed 6 months or more post op..

Lasts up to 5 years

Lasts for up to 5 years

Single breast $650

Double breast $1050

Includes 1 free touch up

High Intensity Focus Ultrasound (HIFU) skin tightening procedure

As a completely non-surgical, non-invasive procedure, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound offers patients skin tightening 

Clinically Proven, Safe and Effective, Cost Effective Alternative to a Surgical Face Lift 

No Need for Anaesthesia, No Incisions or Risk of Infection, No Downtime, Comfortable and Painless,

Results can be seen after just one treatment Although most clients will need a few treatments, more information will be given per individual consultations.

Buy 3 treatments in advance get 1 free

Full face                               $1500 to $1800

Checks                                  $800 to $1200

Eye area                                $400 to $600

Jowels                                   $800 to $1200

Upper thigh                         $1500 to $2600

Stomach                               $1300 to $2800

Hands                                   $900 to $1300

Neck                                     $1100 to $1400

Upper arms                          $1200 to $1600

Other prices will be given on request.

Consultation for corrective skin treatments:  $65

Book for a 60-minute skin consultation.  After a medical history is taken your clinician will diagnose and analysis your skin using special equipment to better understand the issues in order to prescribe the correct treatments for your specific individual skin condition to target the concerns and deliver real results.  Your treatment will combine both chemical and mechanical treatments which will be explained to you during your consultation and where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns.  All treatment programs will be prescribed active ingredient home skincare products to maximise result outcome of our in-clinic treatments. A total cost will be given to you during the consultation process.

Corrective Skin Treatments

Whatever your skin condition is in or whatever your concern is “we can help you” after completing a professional skin diagnosis and analysis using the most up to date equipment, we can identify the issue and it’s underlaying effects and prescribe a professional individual skin treatment program that will be customised to your specific skin condition to “deliver real results not just promises” of course  this will be a series of treatments and not a one off.

Active Acne on an adult client completely cleared in 10-week treatment program

Hyperpigmentation on skin type IV with sun damage. Client underwent a treatment program of 8 weeks, Alternating between mechanical and chemical treatments.

Price will be given during consultation depending on each individual skin assessment

Acne scaring after 12 week treatment

Price will be given during consultation depending on each individual skin assessment

Stretch mark treatments.  12-week treatment programme



Price will be given during consultation depending on each individual skin assessment

Post op scar treatment commenced 6 months post op… treatment program 12 weeks

Price will be given during consultation depending on each individual skin assessment

Body post traumatic hyperpigmentation



10 week treatmet program, price will be given during consultation depending on each individual skin assessment

Post graduate courses (no prerequisites)  also available cosmetic tattoo, laser, HIFU and Paramedical Aesthetics… taught one on one to meet each student experience and learning abilities for more information visit our website

Australian Therapeutic Skincare Institute (ATSCI) takes a holistic approach to all Paramedical Aesthetic courses in the learning process to ensure you gain maximum benefits from your ATSCI Certified course. “Ensuring full ATSCI certified course delivery at an affordable price.”

The beauty industry is currently experiencing a revolution that has seen a need to develop partnerships between beauty therapy and cosmetic medicine.

Anyone can gain knowledge and most trainers have knowledge but not everyone can teach or can deliver effective training. At ATSCI, we pride ourselves in ensuring we deliver all course information in an easy and understandable structure.

Training manuals are developed by qualified writers, editors and instructional designer’s, this ensures clear, readable and structured information that is consistent with and complementary to each course;

 All Course attract up to 700% profit margins.