Advanced Cosmetic & Refresher Tattoo Courses

Colour Theory

We guarantee.. This course is designed for Therapists who are already qualified but have not received the right training or who need better understanding of colour theory and technique , skin undertones or have been practicing either in Australia or overseas and need qualification recognition in Australia.

It’s also designed to give you a better understanding of colour theory in the application of micro blading Cosmetic Tattoo. How to prevent brown eyebrows turning pink or mauve; black eyeliner turning blue or even and lipliner turning blue or black.

Understand what makes colours change and how you can avoid and correct these colour changes. A better understanding of skin tones can help you confidently choose the right colour and achieve better results for your clients.

This course is customised to your individual experience filling in the gaps where you don’t feel confident from your previous learning with other training organisations. we understand you have invested in a lot of money but come out feeling you haven’t learnt enough.

I get this all the time. After completing my questionnaire your answers will give me a better understanding of the subjects I need to focus on weather its your penetration, colour retention or technique this is where I can give you all the information you need one on one to help you get back your confidence so you know exactly what you are doing to avoid heartache and mistakes to get you back on track, in some cases depending on how much information we need to cover we may require 2 days training.

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As costs are incurred before the course commences, once we send out all the training manuals and training information, all course payments are non-refundable except at the discretion of ATSCI if the student can provide evidence of serious illness that may prevent the student from completing the training course.

However the student may reschedule training dates or payment may be transferrable to other courses or other students.

Students who require extra days training attract extra fees depending on how many days and hours are required please ask your trainer.

We will also then order your kit which is included in the cost of your course and you will receive on day one.  This includes a Machine with a one year warranty which is one of the best machines that delivers exceptional results with very little effort and without compromising the skin.