ATSCI Certified Paramedical Aesthetics & Skin Peels

Skin PeelingThis course is designed for postgraduates with a minimum Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy or anyone wanting to enter the paramedical cosmetic Aesthetic Industry. It is also suitable for paramedical and nursing graduates, and those with a Diploma in Health Science (Beauty Therapy). or if you have no experience and wish to change careers we will add one more day to this course to bring you up to date with skin anatomy and physiology.  This is also a one on one course and no group classes to ensure full delivery of all information. If you are passionate and results-oriented, want to learn about advanced procedures, and associate yourself with cosmetic and plastic surgeons, this is the course for you.

It is designed to help you keep up with current trends, terminology, ingredients, techniques and procedures in today’s rapidly evolving industry. Learn how to combine mechanical and chemical treatment programs applying a holistic approach to maximise and deliver real… results

You will receive in-depth training for competency in:


Female Open Pores3        After

before                                                          after


how to partner with cosmetic & plastic physicians

  • understanding the procedures
  • possible side-effects related to a range of procedures
  • cosmetic diagnosis and consultation
  • effective client communication
  • hands-on pre- and post-operative care
  • performing skin peels to correct skin conditions such as Acne, pigmentation, sundamage, anti aging, scars.
  • skin care products and their ingredients
  • chemical and mechanical treatment
  • combining remedies for acne, scar revision and pigmentation
  • Medical skin peels for corrective skin problems
  • Medical camouflage make up
  • clinical photography
  • effective sales and marketing strategies
  • insurance and legal issues.
  • An understanding of today’s most common cosmetic procedures in order to complete pre-procedural consultations
  • Competency in cosmetic consultation and diagnosis for a more holistic approach
  • Confidently complete pre- and post-op care
  • Competency in performing skin peels to improve all skin conditions.
  • Preparing a partnership proposal to a cosmetic physician
  • Understanding sales and marketing techniques
  • Producing clear clinical photography
  • Combining the right products
  • Advise on how procedures are performed and what the possible side-effects may be, complete declaration forms, explain cost structures and other information clients might need

Upon completion of this course after passing examination and practical assessment you will be awarded a CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCE which will qualify you to practice Australia wide





Adult active acne, client underwent a series of mechanical and chemical treatments alternating weekly for 10 weeks

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From $3,800+gst (includes Paramedical course peel kits)

2-3 days from $3,800 + gst, custom PA courses 3-4 days from $4,800 + gst

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