Mesotherapy training course (Nurses only)

Mesotherapy training course (Nurses only)BeforeAfterBeforeAfterBeforeAfter

Paramedical Body Treatments

Paramedical Body Treatments Male Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation of the LegBeforeAfter Sun Damage to the HandBeforeAfter Body Treatments – StretchmarksBeforeAfter Laser Tattoo RemovalBeforeAfterBeforeAfter Body Treatments - Scar RevisionBeforeDuringAfter

High intensity focused ultrasound Machine and 2 day course training

High intensity focused ultrasound Machine and 2 day course training  
Weight Loss After

Weight Loss

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo RemovalPlease note: the effectiveness and number of treatments vary from person to person depending on the pigment used and the pigment placement depth.Beforeafter 12 treatments


Areola and Scar Camoflage Before

Areola and Scar Camouflage

Areola and Scar Camouflage BeforeBefore Work performed by ATSCI Studentsstudents workstudents practice on leatherstick on temp tattoo for correct shaping and colouringstudents practicing on pork skin
Cosmetic Tattoo Permanent

Mircoblading Cosmetic Tattoo

Mircoblading Cosmetic TattooStudents Practice Drawing Hair Strokes On PaperBeforeAfter3D feather hair strokesBeforeAfter Eyebrow TattooBefore Eyebrow TattooAfter Eyebrow TattooBefore and After Eyeliner TattooEyebrows too fair and colorless.After permanent makeup.BeforeAfterEyelash EnhancementBeforeAfterBefore and After Lip Cosmetic TattooBeforeAfterBeforeAfterBeforeLight permanent lipliner to correct upper and lower asymmetry.BeforeThicker lip contour, creating a more distinct and greater lip volume.BeforeAfterBefore and After Areola […]
Female Open Pores and Defused Redness

Paramedical Facial Treatments

Paramedical Facial TreatmentsAdult Female AcneBeforeBeforeBeforeAfterFemale Pigmentation and Sun DamageBeforeAfterBeforeBeforeBeforeAfterAfterAfterPost Traumatic ScarringBeforeDuringAfterPost Traumatic ScarringBeforeAfterMale Sebhorrheic KerotosisBeforeAfterBeforeAfterFemale Post Traumatic PigmentationBeforeAfter