ATSCI Certified Weight Loss

Lose Weight with the Help of ATSCIMoney back guaranteed to lose a minimum of 6 – 10kls in 6 weeks.

Learn how to assist your client to lose weight naturally and in a healthy program and be financially rewarded:

  • No prescribed medication
  • No starvation
  • No hunger pains
  • No weighing foods
  • No calculating calories

Just know what foods don’t mix and eat at least 4-5 meals a day.

You won’t even walk around with a diet paper that tells you what to eat every day just know what you can and can’t eat.

When you go out to dinner others won’t even know your dieting.

This is a 2 day work shop equipping you with all you need to run a successful weight loss clinic which can be combined or upgraded with any mechanical fat & cellulite treatments for additional costs.


It includes:
  • Weightloss Program of ATSCIRecipe’s
  • Diets for everyone on including vegans
  • Measuring tools
  • Body fat scanner
  • Training manual
  • Client forms

Each client program you sell is a 6 week program and you can charge $600-$800.

To see your client once a week for 6-8 weeks for 30 minutes at a time, to measure and weigh them.

Other Information

  • Course Fees
  • Venue
  • Terms and Conditions

$3800 + gst

Ring Amanda for details: 0433 135 381 or email: